The transport system for infectious patients

EpiShuttle is a modular patient isolation system designed specifically for patient transport or temporary isolation. The unit protects either the patient from a contaminated environment(positive pressure mode) or the environment from an infected patient (negative pressure mode).
Epishuttle provides optimal safety and multiple treatment options during transport or inpatient isolation. The unit is easy and quick to clean and reusable.

EpiShuttle is compatible with all common chassis in ambulances (tested according to DIN EN 1789) and can also be safely loaded and transported in most helicopters and airplanes. Using negative pressure and four P3 filters, the isolator protects the environment from cross-contamination with highly infectious diseases. In positive pressure mode, the isolator protects patients from hazardous environmental agents through the use of CBRN filters. The design allows for comprehensive emergency care and procedures such as monitoring, intubation or ventilation while the patient is in the EpiShuttle.


Inovative air filter technology

Inovative air filter technology

Negative pressure

In negative pressure mode, a negative pressure is generated inside the Epishuttle. The air flow is directed through the inlet filter at the head end and exits through the outlet filter at the foot end. The negative pressure inside the isolator prevents contaminated air from escaping the isolator.


In positive pressure mode, the system generates positive pressure inside the Epishuttle relative to the environment. The air flow is directed through the inlet at the foot end and exits through the outlet filter at the head end . The positive pressure inside the isolator prevents contaminated air from entering the isolator.

Driving stretcher compatible

EpiShuttle is equipped with a fastening system made of aviation rails, which allows fast and safe fastening on all common stretchers in rescue vehicles ( DIN EN 1789), airplanes and helicopters.

Directly on the patient

To enable medical treatment (e.g. intubation, ventilation, etc.) even during transport, EpiShuttle is equipped with eight ports. These ports are equipped with tight gloves or other options such as airlock and waste bags, which can be changed during use.


Epishuttle can be easily and quickly cleaned and disinfected for multiple use and can be easily disassembled without tools.

Fast loading

Easy to use and intuitive features allow for short patient loading times. The fixed clear cover, which ensures an airtight seal, can be easily and quickly removed and reattached with EpiShuttle's unique locking system.

Battery operated

EpiShuttle can be used for at least 8 hours in continuous operation. The batteries can be replaced during transport, ensuring patient safety and protecting the environment from contamination for up to 24 hours.

Dual protection system

The pressure modes can be set either to protect the environment from the infected patient or to protect the patient from contaminants in the ambient air. The device meets all criteria in terms of precautions for different transmission routes such as standard, contact, droplet and/or air.

Emergency Care

EpiShuttle has medical ports for connecting infusions, monitoring cables and similar equipment, as well as for mechanical ventilation of the patient. The emergency supply system allows users to monitor, administer medication and treat the patient without direct contact.


Optimal patient comfort

During the development of EpiShuttle, special emphasis was placed on optimal patient comfort. The integrated couch can be adjusted below the knees as well as in the back for relief, which increases the patient's comfort and facilitates treatment. The transparent cover enables better communication between patient and environment.

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