The HISSIN Medizintechnik GmbH

20 years of continuous development

Up to the future

In 1993, our company was founded by Thomas Hissin, a graduate in business administration (FH), in Frankfurt am Main. In accordance with our high standards of quality and care, we have always pursued a strategy of targeted and careful growth. In 1998, the company was renamed GmbH (limited liability company), and the service area and field service have been continuously expanded since then. In 2011, larger premises were finally required, which were found in neighboring Oberursel. Here we now work on a good 500 square meters with a team of fifteen employees.

A wide range

Our focus is on the four areas of emergency medicine, transport incubators, cardiology and aviation (the medical equipment of ambulance aircraft and helicopters).

On the one hand, we are a reliable sales partner for well-known manufacturers - we have been working with Dräger and GE, for example, since our founding. On the other hand, we are a manufacturer ourselves: We produce incubator platforms and equipment mounts in small batches in-house.

This allows us to operate very flexibly in an extremely demanding market and to offer our customers in Germany and abroad system solutions that are characterized in practice by the highest quality and maximum reliability.

The name HISSIN stands for quality

Geprüft, getestet, gelebt

Our holistic understanding of quality is certainly the most important basis of our entrepreneurial success.

Based on the DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 standard, we have developed a quality management system that applies to the entire company and covers all phases of order processing. For us, quality orientation begins in the planning phase, when we work with manufacturers and users to determine which requirements must be met. Our quality management is certified by TÜV Hessen.

As a system distributor in accordance with § 10 Para. 1 MPG, we ensure that the functionality and safety of the individual components are not negatively affected by the system manufacture. We take great care in the selection of components and ensure, for example, that all components have an independent CE mark.

We subject all products manufactured in-house to careful testing. In addition, we cooperate with independent testing institutes during development.

Our Partners

Wir sind offizieller Servicestützpunkt oder Kooperationspartner der Firmen

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